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When you or your loved one needs help you can’t leave anything to chance. Time is critical and the faster help is provided the better the outcome. FlawlessConnect™ was developed to solve some clear shortcomings with conventional mobile alert/help call systems and ensure that Emergency/Help calls get through quickly and all parties can easily get critical information to the appropriate emergency service or source of help.

Our Cloud IPBX technology has changed the way mobile alert systems operate. FlawlessConnect™ sets a new standard in speed of connectivity and accuracy of location.

Please take a moment to read about our critical time-saving features and understand why your Help/SOS call service needs to be Flawless!

Flawless Features!

Avoid The Dangerous Voicemail Trap!

Conventional mobile alert devices make calls in sequence to your emergency contacts. If a call is made and isn’t answered strait away it may reach Voicemail. You don’t want to be leaving a voice message when you are in distress and in need of help.

FlawlessConnect™ solves this problem by asking every call recipient to accept the call by pressing ‘1’. It will quickly move onto the next contact if a call isn’t acknowledged. This avoids the dangerous Voicemail Trap.

Call All & Connect To First

Conventional mobile alert devices call emergency contacts in sequence. It’s usually 45 seconds or more calling the first contact before moving to the second. This is valuable time.

FlawlessConnect™ offers you the option to Call All contacts at once and connect you to the first to answer. The other contacts will receive a text message to assure them the Emergency/Help call got through.

Rapidly Bring In Emergency Services

If an emergency contact receives a help call and decides an ambulance is needed, FlawlessConnect™ allows you to quickly bring in emergency services on the call keeping all parties connected together.

This provides speedy connection and comfort that help is on the way to the a person in distress. Conventional mobile alert devices do not offer this capability.

Rapid, Exact Location With What3Words

What3Words is a global location service that names every 3 metre square on planet earth in just 3 simple words. For example the exact spot outside the front door to 10 Downing Street (UK Prime Minister Residence & Office) is described as input.caring.brain

Emergency Services around the world use What3Words to quickly and precisely locate the exact position of an emergency. What3Words can save up to 10 minutes when locating a person.

At the touch of a button FlawlessConnect™ can speak the What3Words GPS location of your emergency wristband over the phone line. We use advanced text to speech technology telling emergency services or any source of help exactly where the person in distress is.

Prevent Telephone Fraud, Nuisance Calls Or Telesales Calls

Telephone Fraud on the elderly & vulnerable is a huge and growing problem. To prevent fraud and nuisance calls it is helpful to allow only certain callers through such as friends & family.

FlawlessConnect™ allows the easy setup of a Whitelist of allowed callers while also allowing the person in distress to receive any incoming call during a period of an emergency. This maintains maximum communications capability at critical times while protecting from scam and nuisance calls at all other times.

The Unbeatable FlawlessConnect™ Package

Emergency Help/SOS calls are rare but when they are made they need to get through quickly. They also need to offer easy to use features to action help. Whether it’s avoiding Voicemail Traps, connecting to emergency contacts rapidly, bringing in emergency services or immediately determining the exact location of the person in distress, FlawlessConnect™ offers the world-beating package of essential features to get help quickly.

Make sure your Emergency Help/SOS calls are Flawless!

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    Demonstration Of Location Spoken Over The Phone Line

    This demonstration will show you how FlawlessConnect in partnership with What3Words will speak your precise location over the phone line to emergency services or any other party who needs to know exactly where you are.

    Simply search any address in the text box below, select a precise 3M square you would like to test and press the FlawlessConnect Speaker button to hear exactly how your location is given over the phone line.